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Santa Monica Youth Orchestra

About the Project

SMYO’s old logo did not reflect any of their core values. Their old logo was rigid with muted colors that do not represent the youth orchestra at all.
SMYO’s students are diverse, highly collaborative, and their rehearsals are dynamic and filled with energy and we wanted to show their vibrance, individuality, unity, and playfulness.

This project was co-developed with Hugo Shiboski.

Project Category

Graphic Design

More playful identity

More playful identity

Their old logo was based on muted colors and sharp angles.

We kept the color scheme for continuity but pumped up the saturation and chose typefaces that are more fun than corporate Gill Sans.

Unity through individuality

Unity through individuality

We chose overlapped cells with random rotation and scaling to represent the students’ individuality. This became the core visual element for all assets.

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