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Hojoon worked on:

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Website Design


About the project

enSRQ is a new music ensemble based in Sarasota, FL.

The client was entering their third season and did not have a visual style. I was asked to develop something new.

We began by narrowing down the brand values and created a brand identity rooted in Sarasota’s climate and Sarasota-Modern Architecture style.

Inspired by

Sarasota Modern

Sarasota Modern 1 copy.png

The goal for ensembleNEWSRQ was to enhance the level of professionalism by managing a coherent design system. We set out to create a language that was inspired by regional tradition and culture. After some research into the history of the city of Sarasota, we found a relatively obscure but important architectural movement of the 20th century: The Sarasota School of Architecture, otherwise known as Sarasota Modern.



Sarasota Modern’s style is similar to other mid-century modern styles but features regional adaptations. Aesthetic features are defined by clean lines, geometric shapes, grid system, and a general sense of airy floating spaciousness.

With these elements as inspiration, enSRQ’s design language was distilled to a 2D representation of a cube, the simplest representation of a space. Then we reduced it even further to the most elemental shape: adjoining triangles.

By using different shades of colors, the brand element creates an illusion of open space.

To reflect the organization’s mission to advance contemporary music, we emphasized the word “NEW” and conveyed movement from left to right, a direction which means forward in Western culture.

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enSRQ Logo-01.png

When it came to choosing the brand’s hues, the answer was very obvious. We took colors found in Sarasota’s coastal image: the sky, sand, and crystal clear waters.



With the small concepts of utilizing triangles to make cubes, we were able to expand the look of the brand.

The visual language, at its core, is to represent the three words that make up the group: “Ensemble,” “New,” and “SRQ.”

The language was born from the aesthetics of Sarasota Modern: clean lines, open, and spacious. However, in order to avoid looking like an architectural firm, we put a primary emphasis on the idea of the play button, a symbol strongly related to consumption of music.

Brand Assets

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