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Beyond the Notes

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About the project

Beyond the Notes is an annual concert series in Concord, MA started by Sarah Whitney.

Sarah was just looking for a logo but soon we found out that she needed more than that.

We developed a new look for the brand and optimized the series’ media stream.

Logo Anatomy

The logo, as the company’s name suggests, was designed to be a frame around which people would look into the note.

The center is shaped like a standard musical note and by using three layers, we created a look that forced the viewer to look beyond the notes.

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Shadow Logo

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Maze Logo

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Alternate Logo

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Logomarks in use


The client already had 3 seasons under her belt. Our mission was to make a logo that could be used while still preserving the branding she had gained recognition in her community. We did not want to create something entirely new that would be unrecognizable to her most dearest fans.

Refining a Brand





Brand Assets

Definition Poster

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Video Production